Clothes Oil Stain Remover

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🌿 Clothes Oil Stain Remover - Your Wardrobe's Best Friend! 🌿

Tired of seeing your favorite clothes marred by stubborn oil stains? Wish you had a magic solution to bring them back to life? Look no further! Our innovative Clothes Oil Stain Remover is here to save the day.

🌟 Key Features

Non-Toxic Formula 

We care about your clothes and the environment. Our gentle, plant-based formula is your go-to for safe and effective stain removal.

Powerful Plant Enzymes 

Say goodbye to unsightly oil stains on fabric and cloth. Our special enzymes make light work of even the toughest stains.

Nonionic Surfactant 

Gentle yet effective, it lifts away dirt and grime without harming your clothing.

Versatile and Safe 

Suitable for all fabrics, from delicate silks to sturdy denims. Trust it with your treasured garments.

👗How to use:

1. Unscrew the cover and apply the degreaser to the oil stain until it is covered.
2. Let it stand for 30 seconds and wait for complete penetration.
3. Scrub stains in semi wet state.
4. After foaming , wash with water , separate the oil stains on the clothes from the water and take them out.


Main Ingredients: Plant Enzymes, Plant Protein Active Factor, Nonionic Surfactant, Deionized Water, Purified Water
Capacity: 100ml
Shelf Life: 3 Years
Function: Remove Stain and Rust, Non-toxic, Decontamination, Deep Cleaning

Storage method:

1. Please store in a cool place to avoid high temperature and direct sunlight.
2. Please keep this product out of the reach of children.
🌎 Make a positive impact on your wardrobe and the environment. Embrace stain-free, eco-friendly fashion with our Clothes Oil Stain Remover! 🌎

Package Includes:

1x Clothes Oil Stain Remover

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