5 Modes Shower Head

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Transform Your Shower Experience!

Multi-functional High Pressure Shower Head - nhbstore
The shower head is made of high-quality plastic material, a silicone nozzle, which wear-resistant and durable. Using baking paint process, corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant, high-quality, and durable.
✅ Durable Material
✅ Multiple Modes 
✅ Water Saving Flow

Four Water Outlet Modes

High pressure shower head has 5 water outflow modes to meet the bathroom needs of everyone in the family, including mist, pulse, rain, rain and spray modes, an excellent choice for cleaning pets, children and other bathroom applications.

Save One-Button Water Stop Water Flow

The high pressure shower head can stop the water flow by just pressing the button lightly. This prevents unnecessary water waste in the shower. Suitable for washing animals, washing children, washing long hair.

High Pressure Shower Head

High pressure and strong shower water, excellent spray coverage, delicate and smooth, compared with ordinary shower head, our product adopts unique internal structure and air intake technology, which can provide even under low water pressure powerful current. Small water currents will no longer worry you at home.

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