Mini EMS Neck & Body Massager

Rs.599 Rs.799

Micro Current EMS Mini Massager

 Portable Mini Butterfly Massager – tallowstore
Eliminate sagging arm and underarm fat, ideal for lymphatic drainage to promote blood circulation, etc.

Mini Lymphatic Drainage Massage Cushion

The mini massage cushion body is only 17cm in length and only 6cm in diameter. Relieve muscle discomfort, activate muscle pressure, and achieve a soothing effect.

8 Modes & 19 Levels Intensity

8modes neck massage and free combination modes to choose from. Users can select the appropriate mode according to personal needs; Give you the feeling of a real massage, promote the detoxification of the lymphatic system, and achieve the effect of relieving fatigue. For beginners, it is recommended to start with the lowest intensity.

USB Charging

8 hours of continuous use after charging for 2.5 hours. USB charging can provide a more stable power supply with a longer lifespan.

Wide Range of Application

The massage pad can also be widely applied to different body parts, such as arms, breasts, neck, shoulders and legs. Suitable for everyone.

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