Portable Electric Head Scalp Massager

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Portable Electric Scalp Head Massager! Relax and Rejuvenate Your Scalp and Mind

Waterproof - Rechargeable Scalp and Head Massager – Body Massager

Introducing our innovative Portable Electric Scalp Head Massager, designed to provide you with a soothing and invigorating massage experience like no other. Treat yourself to the ultimate relaxation and pamper your scalp anytime, anywhere with this must-have self-care gadget.

Why Should I Buy This?

Enhanced Scalp Health

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Our electric scalp head massager stimulates blood circulation, helping to enhance scalp health and promote hair growth. It gently massages your scalp, reducing stress and tension.

Portable and Lightweight

Enjoy the freedom of relaxation on the go! This massager is compact and lightweight, making it perfect for carrying in your bag, so you can de-stress wherever you are – whether at home, in the office, or during travel.

Adjustable Massage Intensity

Tailor your massage experience to suit your preferences. With adjustable intensity levels, you can choose between a gentle, relaxing massage or a more invigorating one for those days when you need an extra boost.

Rechargeable and Long-Lasting

No need to worry about replacing batteries constantly. The built-in rechargeable battery ensures long-lasting performance, and the included USB cable makes recharging convenient and easy.

Smart and Ergonomic Design

HexoScalp™ Deep Tissue Scalp Massager - Hexo Care International
The handheld massager is designed for easy use and comfort. Its ergonomic shape fits perfectly in your hand, and the massage nodes are crafted to target every pressure point, providing an incredible massage experience.

How to Use:

1. Charge the massager using the included USB cable until fully charged.
2. Turn on the massager by pressing the power button.
3. Adjust the massage intensity by pressing the intensity button.
4. Place the massager on your scalp and move it gently in circular motions, focusing on areas where you feel tension or discomfort.
5. Enjoy the relaxing sensation and let the stress melt away.

Product Specifications:

- Material: High-quality ABS and silicone
- Battery: Rechargeable built-in battery
- Charging Time: Approximately 2 hours
- Usage Time: Approximately 1 hour on a full charge
- Size: 15.24*15.24*12.7 cm
- Weight: 0.4 kg

Package Includes:

- 1 x Portable Electric Scalp Head Massager
- 1 x USB Charging Cable
- 1 x User Manual
Treat yourself or your loved ones to the luxury of a revitalizing scalp massage. Order our Portable Electric Scalp Head Massager today and elevate your self-care routine to new heights! Make every day a relaxing spa day with this incredible gadget.

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