Soap Liquid Dishwashing Brush

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Liquid Soap Dishwasher Brush

Liquid Soap Dishwasher Brush Loaded Button to Release Washing up Liquid to Tackle Stubborn Grease and Grime. Makes light work of washing dishes. Fill the dispenser with washing up liquid and get your dishes sparkling. Dish / washbasin plastic cleaning brush with self liquid soap dispenser The self dispensing cleaning Brush with soap reservoir is very easy to use. Just open the top and add the soap or detergent. Its hidden plunger action releases soap into bristles when pressed and you can clean without using extra detergent or soap. It scrubs pots, greasy dishes, pans, tiles with ease. you may have to add water for different consistencies of liquid soaps. It protects your hands and fingernails. It is an ideal cleaning brush for kitchen, bath, laundry and other household chores. It is dishwasher safe and not to be used for non-stick surfaces. It saves about 60% of liquid soap and is economic to use. It cuts clean up time and is an essential kitchen and bath tool.


  • Easy to fill
  • Simply push button to release washing-up liquid
  • Sturdy storage stand allows brush to drip-dry naturally

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