Stretchable Silicon Ceiling Lid (6 pcs)

Rs.399 Rs.599
  • Made of healthy ,food grade non-toxic silicone material, not easily to damage or deform, durable for long time use.
  • It can keep food fresh for long time, different sizes fit most of bowls.
  • Very good elasticity, can be stretched 2 times than the original size.
  • Resistant? to heat up to 230℃,?can put it in boiling water to wash, also it is cold resistant which can be used under-40℃.
  • Can be used in refrigerators, microwave or ovens, easy to clean and it is reusable.

The creative bowl of cover can turn the round dishes into a crisper in the home, which has a good sealing effect and will not leak water, leak oil or leak soup.2) It can be frozen, can be used in microwave ovens, food grade non-toxic materials, can be used repeatedly for cleaning, more environmentally friendly than plastic wrap, and fresh bags, and the use cost is lower. Highly elastic, suitable for bowls of different sizes.3) Natural special silicone, super strong adsorption, better sealing effect.4) It take environmentally friendly food grade silicone material, unique characteristics, easy to clean, high temperature, low temperature, soft, comfortable, flexible and durable, etc., replace the traditional PE film or other materials, a good alternative to cling film! Use: Prevent food odor and bacteria, used to keep fresh food; Suitable for all kinds of material containers, such as ceramics, melamine, glass, casserole, stainless steel, wood, etc.; When using, please note that containers and other containers must not contain sharp edges or broken edges to prevent scratching!

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