Video Vlogging Kit

Rs.2,999 Rs.3,899

"Upgrade Your Vlogging Game with the Video Vlogging Kit!"

Elevate your vlogging and content creation with the versatile and high-quality Video Vlogging Kit. This kit is designed to meet the unique demands of modern content creators like you.

Key Features

Sturdy and Stable

Crafted from premium materials, the Video Vlogging Kit provides a stable platform for your camera or smartphone, ensuring shake-free shots.

Adjustable Height

Achieve the perfect shooting angle every time with the kit's adjustable legs and center column.

Universal Compatibility

Seamlessly use the kit with a wide range of cameras, smartphones, and action cams. The included smartphone mount lets you switch between devices effortlessly.

Smooth Pan and Tilt

The built-in 3-way pan-and-tilt head allows you to achieve professional-looking pans and tilts with precise control.

Quick and Easy Setup

Set up your kit with ease, allowing you to focus on your content without unnecessary delays.


This kit is versatile, serving various purposes from vlogging and live streaming to time-lapses and stable product photography.

Whether you're an aspiring vlogger, an experienced content creator, or someone who simply wants to capture memorable moments with style, the Video Vlogging Kit is your go-to companion. Invest in the tools that will elevate your content and make your videos stand out from the crowd.


  • Battery life: 1.5 hours at 6500k 100% power
  • Power: 5W
  • 6500K LED Light
  • Maximum sound pressure level: 130dB(THD≤1.5%at 1kHz)
  • Noise level: 24dba
  • Sensitivity: 45db3db(OBD=1V/PA at 1kHz)Equivalent
  • Frequency Response: 50hz-16kHz
  • Sensitivity Enhancement: + 20db2db

Package includes:

- LED light
- Smartphone stand
- Desktop tripod
- Microphone
- Wireless remote control
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